I have a situation that I have not been able to track down where on one of my servers some process is writing a log file (I presume) and it is getting rotated out from under it. The net result is that the log continues to be written to the original file which eventually is deleted thus leaving no trace of who or what. It takes several months before its size becomes noticable, but eventually get grows to consume remaining disk space. Given that the file has an inode but no directory entry, how do you find it? All I have been able to come up with is to use fstat to find all the open files inodes and then to search with ls for each by hand and removing those I can find. Unfortunately this is a large web server with lots of files.

Today I moved some of the log files onto a different disk to see if the problem moves. That would narrow down the search considerably. But I suspect I will have to wait a couple months before I can see the effects of the hidden file.

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