> > Also, anyone know of a workaround for BIND 8 at this time?  If I
> were to
> > simply install bind9 on my system from the ports, does it in fact
> simply
> > overwrite the "default" installation included with FreeBSD?
> No.  It installs it under /usr/local.

Ok, Stupid question now.  I'm just really concerned about breaking my
dns server because it means I'll stop receiving mail to 3 domains.  I
also don't have a spare machine right now I can "toy" with.  If I go
ahead and portinstall bind9 - will I still be able to start bind up
using rc.conf (by changing "named_program=..") or does some .sh script
get placed into /usr/local/etc/rc.d ?  

Also, the existing named.conf I've written... will it work if I make it
really simplified(for now - I know that bind 9 adds new functionality so
eventually I'd find myself tweaking that a little)?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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