I try to install FreeBSD 5.1 on Pentium 166MMX, Hard Disk: Conner
   pheriperals 1275 MB - CFS1275A (ide), CDROM  Asus S500/A (ide)
   During installation ( From CDROM image downloaded from FreeBSD mirror
   ), after partition creation (automatic mode, 4 partition on 1 disk)
   there are some windows that announce writing filesystems data and
   after there is only a string at the bottom of the screen (something
   like "Filesystems data write sucessflu" ) and then don't happen
   nothing else.
   thanks for attenction, Sandro Bottoni
   OpenSkills / it         [1]http://www.openskills.info


   1. http://www.openskills.info/
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