FreeBSD MAIL wrote:
> I guess the problem I am having is with PuTTY, I am forcing ssh 2 and putting
> in the ports and addresses for the client and server as best I can, I have
> been able to get VPN to work over pptp, which is cool but I would prefer using
> ssh.
> If you have a copy of putty laying around would you mind trying it?
> Or even teraterm-ssh, I am reluctant to use cygwin and such because of the
> user interface.

The problem you are going to have is that windows binds its NetBIOS
stuff to local port 139 et. al. so there's no way to forward them with
ssh.  The only way to do this is to use a second, non-windows machine on
your local LAN, and have IT ssh into the remote and then forward 139 et.
al.  After doing that, it will appear to have local shares to the
windows box.  Alternatively, you could try disabling "File and Printer
Sharing" on the windows end and try to get whatever is listening on 139
to stop so that ssh can forward that port... I don't know if that's
possible or not.

The VPN method with PPTP (and mpd on the remote FreeBSD end) is what I
ended up doing.  I finally got it all working finally, and was quite
disappointed with the speed.  Samba over a broadband link to a server
very far away was verrrrry sloooow.  If your link is faster you'd
probably have better luck.

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