i just installed this program called libiconv.-1.9.1 but it has something in 
the installation process that i have no clue what they're saying, i will copy 
and paste it here , what i don't understand is how to recompile and reinstall 
GNC gettext so that it can take advantage of libiconv.

After installing GNU libiconv for the first time, it is recommended to
recompile and reinstall GNU gettext, so that it can take advantage of

On systems other than GNU/Linux, the iconv program will be internationalized
only if GNU gettext has been built and installed before GNU libiconv. This
means that the first time GNU libiconv is installed, we have a circular
dependency between the GNU libiconv and GNU gettext packages, which can be
resolved by building and installing either
  - first libiconv, then gettext, then libiconv again,
or (on systems supporting shared libraries, excluding AIX)
  - first gettext, then libiconv, then gettext again.
Recall that before building a package for the second time, you need to erase
the traces of the first build by running "make distclean".

This library can be built and installed in two variants:

  - The library mode. This works on all systems, and uses a library
    `libiconv.so' and a header file `<iconv.h>'. (Both are installed
    through "make install".)

    To use it, simply #include <iconv.h> and use the functions.

    To use it in an autoconfiguring package:
    - If you don't use automake, append m4/iconv.m4 to your aclocal.m4
    - If you do use automake, add m4/iconv.m4 to your m4 macro repository.
    - Add to the link command line of libraries and executables that use
      the functions the placeholder @LIBICONV@ (or, if using libtool for
      the link, @LTLIBICONV@). If you use automake, the right place for
      these additions are the *_LDADD variables.
    Note that 'iconv.m4' is also part of the GNU gettext package, which
    installs it in /usr/local/share/aclocal/iconv.m4.

  - The libc plug/override mode. This works on GNU/Linux, Solaris and OSF/1
    systems only. It is a way to get good iconv support without having
    It installs a library `libiconv_plug.so'. This library can be used with
    LD_PRELOAD, to override the iconv* functions present in the C library.

    On GNU/Linux and Solaris:
        $ export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/local/lib/libiconv_plug.so

    On OSF/1:
        $ export _RLD_LIST=/usr/local/lib/libiconv_plug.so:DEFAULT

    A program's source need not be modified, the program need not even be
    recompiled. Just set the LD_PRELOAD environment variable, that's it!



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