On Sun, Sep 21, 2003 at 12:21:22AM -0400, ALIAS wrote:
> i am trying to install this program called glib-2.2.3 and it need a program 
> that i don't have so i downloaded it and installed it. it's called 
> libiconv-1.9.1 it says in the readme file that after installing it i should 
> do the following.

The secret to a quiet life with FreeBSD is to use the ports system.  I
can tell you now that if you're trying to compile and install
something that requires a Gnome environment by hand, you will go
slowly insane trying to resolve all of the dependencies.  Or maybe you
will go speedily insane.

Chances are the application that you eventually want to install is
already available in ports.  In which case, you can get the whole damn
thing downloaded, patched for FreeBSD, compiled and installed *and*
the same automatically for all of it's dependencies by a simple two
word command issued from the appropriate place in the ports tree.
Viz: 'make install'.

To learn more about using the ports system see:


There's also been a very good set of articles by Dru Lavigne on
O'Reilly's OnLamp site which takes the beginner through some of the
finer points of maintaining a system using FreeBSD ports and
associated tools:




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