On Sun, Sep 21, 2003 at 11:15:41AM +0100, Chris Hastie wrote:
> I'm looking at building a FreeBSD server with two identical 60GB hard 
> drives configured with software RAID-1. What would be the best way to 
> set about this? Vinum or RaidFrame (which it appears from release notes 
> / errata doesn't work on 5.1) or something else? And what is a sensible 
> procedure to get something like this working on a fresh install?

The Handbook is your friend:


Vinum is considerably more stable under FreeBSD than RaidFrame -- I'm
not even sure that the people porting RaidFrame are ready to have
people use it on anything other than development systems yet.  Since,
as you say, it's not supported on RELENG_5_1, then the only place
you'ld have a hope of finding it is HEAD, and that's just too grisly
to contemplate running a proper server system on.

In fact, unless your hardware requires you to run 5.x, I'd strongly
recommend that you stick with 4.8-RELEASE (or 4.9-RELEASE due out in
the next few weeks).  Using Vinum boot drives under 4.x is supported,
but not quite so well integrated into the boot code as on 5.x.
However, all it requires are a few extra twiddles in /boot/loader.conf
as shown at the end of the referenced Handbook section.



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