On Sat, Sep 20, 2003 at 06:36:54PM +0200, Alexander Farber wrote:
> does anyone else has this problem as well? I've 
> installed 4.8 a week a go, then upgraded it to 
> -stable, then installed mplayer from ports which 
> has also pulled qt. Then I've installed KDE 3.1.3 
> from ports and the icons and fonts look jagged 
> there. Also I can't enable anti-aliased fonts in 
> KDE's menu Appearance -> Fonts: I set the checkbox 
> in the dialog, but the next time I look at it - 
> it is unchecked again.

I had similar symptoms once, and found out that somehow (probably through
some mistake of my own) my ~/.qt directory had been created owned by root
rather than my userID.  As soon as I chown'd the directory to the correct
userID, that Appearance -> Fonts checkbox worked as expected.

This isn't a sure fix for your problem, but it's worth looking at.

Good luck,


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