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We have the following situation and don't know what to do:

I have one POP3 account with alias adresses for the network clients, and every client configured the mailer not to get mail destined for the other clients.
Now we get so much spam and viruses, and I decided to set up a mail server, recieve the mail for all the clients, and the clients get their mail from my mail server, keeping their current mail adresses.

The clients run M$ Winblows eXPensive, so I need an antivirus program that runs on FreeBSD (should be free). Can anyone recommend a good mail reader that can fetch mail as a daemon, stores mail in a format readable by KMail or Evolution, and has a console interface (I don't run X often)? It should also be somehow able to put the mail in different folders based on the value of some headers.

And what mail server should I use? It should be secure and not use up many resources (security has the highest priority).

Is this stuff possible at all? Please help us.
Thanks in advance.


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I think qmail is the most suitable mail server. I think and many others do, that it's the most secure and resource-saver mail server out there. And it's free, of course, you'll find it in the ports.

Qmail-scanner is a virus scanner for qmail, but I do not recommend it, concerning resources and security. The most lightweight filtering system for qmail which comes to my mind seems to be qmail-qfilter (a small C proggie), google for it and use it. See the sample scripts, one of them filters any executable attachment, like .vbs,.etc... Add .scr, .pif and .bat to them ;).

I use it and my 'new' qmail-queue file looks like this now (read the docs, it is a script, hackish):
exec /var/qmail/bin/qmail-qfilter /var/qmail/bin/filter1 -- /var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject -n

Where filter1 is a script which filters mail using the header details.

PS: parse the headers carefully ;)

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