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Does Free BSD have anything to worry about regarding SCO Group and would
Free BSD users be harmless from SCO Group's litigation threats?

Not likely. See the mailing list archives for further discussion.

I tried to find some information and had no luck. I was also looking for
any conversation as to whether this situation with SCO was related at all
to the problems BSD had with... was it AT&T? .... some years back.

The short answer: SCO's predecessors sued the BSDs for much the same issue over ten years ago. The matter was settled out of court. If you believe this view, then the BSDs have nothing more to fear.

On the other hand, the way SCO is handling the current issue suggests
that they have lost their minds.  They have presented no proof for
their claims

While generally agreeing with the view that SCO appear to "have lost their minds," as a lawyer in the U.S. I did want to note that it's not customary to present proof at this stage of a lawsuit.

(well, they produced some BSD code purported to be in
Linux, and claimed that it was System V code; see
http://www.lemis.com/grog/SCO/code-comparison.html#BPF for more
details).  As a result, there's no reason to believe that they
wouldn't make similar claims about the BSDs.  After all, the code in
that example *is* in FreeBSD.

I agree with your general point that SCO hasn't given us any reason to suppose they'd treat the BSDs - or more specifically, BSD users - differently than in the case of Linux. However, if you don't work for a fairly large company and don't have untold personal wealth, there seems little reason to suppose SCO would waste time pursuing you or your employer.

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