I'm running an up to date version of Freebsd 5.1, and I'm having problems with my soundcard. I have an Asus a7n8x deluxe. The kernel has pcm support compiled in and the sound card works mostly, but occasionally the soundcard will not work properly.

For example:

- xmms will be playing fine for an hour and then stop with the generic error about the soundcard being unavailable
- I'll pause mplayer and unpause it only to have it crash due to the
soundcard being unavailable
- snes9x will stop playing the sound after a short amount of playtime

Most of the time, I see an error along the lines of an "illegal error". With mplayer and xmms, usually a couple of tries and the sound will work again. "fstat | grep dsp" will never output anything when the sound isn't working so I don't think anything else is blocking the soundcard plus I have 4 virtual channels set up so that shouldn't be possible anyway.

The problem is hard to cause or predict so I can't really provide more specific situations, but I'm hoping that this has happened to someone else before.


P.S. Has anyone seen anything about possible support of >2 channels on this board or support of the nvidia nic?

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