I have never done this. So I apologize for my ignorant questions...

Last week I discovered that the molden port is broken in many ways
(md5 sum wrong, Mesa depence absent & install broken). I reported
it to the freebsd-ports mailing list and to the maintainer. I even
attached a sort of patch that fixed the build in a followup email,
but never got any response, nor has the port been fixed.

So what to do with broken ports like that?

I can imagine that ports are broken and remain broken if nobody
ever uses them or installs them. But as soon as a port is noticed
as broken, it is necessary to get it fixed.

How is the general procedure to get this done?

Please bare with me: I'm mainly a port user. I know how to install
ports etc. I have no idea about generating and maintaining ports.

So here we go again: the molden port is broken, but easy to fix
(see my earlier emails about the molden port on the freebsd-ports
mailing list).


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