Hello! I would like one of two things (inclusive OR, down below!):
- A pointer such as an URL to a resource where the details of the X server
and configuration is explained in an understandable way,


- An explanation as to how to use the xf86cfg tool so the end product is a
usable graphic interface.

I have installed FreeBSD now for about 5 years on different machines, and
I find that later it has become increasingly difficult to configurate X.
For me, it's more or less a trial-and-error process (if this doesn't work,
then does *this*?, etc...) I admit that I don't understand X very well. I
don't see why I would have to, either. 

This is the *only* thing I hold against FreeBSD, and I know that probably
it isn't very easy to make a point-and-click configuration program for X,
it seems to be a client-server thingamajig of unfathomable depths.
Cthulhuoid. One of the Great Old Ones, what whith tentacles and all.
Nevertheless, an understandable configuration interface would be great. A
*bit* self-explanatory, maybe?

I really have to get my FreeBSD-gui going 'til tomorrow, I have a Computer
Science lab report due Wednesday...if that's possible, I am happy.

Now, I "$ startx" and, fine, my fluxbox Window Mangler came up once. Then
 it didn't want to start. *When* it started, I had 1600xSomething in
screen resolution. *Not* what I wanted...I don't know, I am about to give
up in favour maybe of something as pusillanimous as Red Hat :)

/Fredrik Carlén, Stockholm, Sweden.

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