On Mon, Sep 22, 2003 at 11:41:23AM -0400, Brent Bailey wrote:
> i found this how to ...is this the correct way to update via CVSUP and
> make world ??

It's mostly right: probably goes a bit beyond what you actually need to do.

The problem with it is here:

> Drop to single user mode:
> # shutdown now

This is not right: the point is that you have to shut the system right
down and reboot with the *new* kernel you've just installed.  Just
dropping to single user doesn't do that.
> Or reboot into single user mode:
> # shutdown -r now

This is the correct version.

Note that the point of rebooting into single user is two-fold.  First
of all, it lets you test the new kernel -- it's relatively easy to
back out a duff kernel and reboot with the previous version.

However, if you were to just blindly install both kernel and world
together, and something went wrong, you would be without a reasonable
way to back out to a previous, working system.  You'ld probably have
to go into complete disaster-recovery-from-backup mode.

Secondly, it avoids having to boot all the way up with your new kernel
and your old world.  You need kernel and world to be synchronised on
FreeBSD, and it's generally good practice to make sure the system is a
quiescent as possible while you're updating all of the vital bits of

As far as testing the new kernel: since you're using a well tested,
release version of a stable OS (except for those of you running
-CURRENT, that is) not a great deal is required.  Generally if the
kernel will boot up far enough to get you to single user mode, that's
good enough that you can confidently carry on with the rest of the
upgrade.  The new kernel may still not be quite right (eg. you may
have missed out some important driver from the configuration), but
nothing so vital should be wrong that it can stop you fixing the
problem from the upgraded system.



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