On Mon, 2003-09-22 at 06:28, Fredrik Carlén wrote:
> Hello! I would like one of two things (inclusive OR, down below!):
> - A pointer such as an URL to a resource where the details of the X server
> and configuration is explained in an understandable way,
> Or
> - An explanation as to how to use the xf86cfg tool so the end product is a
> usable graphic interface.
> I have installed FreeBSD now for about 5 years on different machines, and
> I find that later it has become increasingly difficult to configurate X.
> For me, it's more or less a trial-and-error process (if this doesn't work,
> then does *this*?, etc...) I admit that I don't understand X very well. I
> don't see why I would have to, either. 

Unfortunately, knowing how XFree86 works is still pretty much required
knowledge for anybody setting up a UNIXish machine. Rather than mess
with fussy GUI configuration apps (which have almost never worked for
me), I highly recommend learning the XF86Config so you can simply modify
it by hand. There are good references all around that explain in detail
the format of XF86Config that can be found for free on the net or bought
in dead-tree format. The good news is that the XF86Config file isn't
terribly difficult to understand once you've got the hang of it. Your
best bet is to take a generic XF86Config file that shipped with the OS
(or have a fancy GUI configuration tool create one) and then hack that
one by hand until everything works.

> Now, I "$ startx" and, fine, my fluxbox Window Mangler came up once. Then
>  it didn't want to start. *When* it started, I had 1600xSomething in
> screen resolution. *Not* what I wanted...I don't know, I am about to give
> up in favour maybe of something as pusillanimous as Red Hat :)
> /Fredrik Carlén, Stockholm, Sweden.

Sounds like you've got some additional issues with your system. However,
simply swithing to another OS isn't likely to solve all of your problems
since Red Hat and other mainstream Linux distros use XFree86 too. If you
go to another OS, do so because you want a different feature set than
FreeBSD provides (such as ease of setup) rather than because you can't
get XFree86 to work.

Whatever path you take, good luck!

C. Ulrich

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