> > I have deleted the directories in /usr/ports and 
> /usr/share/doc that I
> > don't want.
> You understand that the doc-all collection downloads into /usr/doc,
> and it contains the SGML source that gets processed into the HTML or
> other formats the Handbook is available in?  You will have to 'cd
> /usr/doc ; make install' before anything will appear in
> /usr/share/doc.

I did not understand that.

I have just installed FBSD on a second machine on my home network, and I
am just now getting it configured and cvsupped, and recompiled.

I assure you, I have just browsed the German language handbook in
I have not cd /usr/doc ; make install.

I never knew I had to make install in that directory, so how could that
have happened?

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