Sorry, but I don't receive the hundreds of virus you pretend you receive from this list. I think 10 of them is an accurate estimaition of what I got so far, and most wheren't from the list.

I would rather bet that some of your friends or relative have _both_ freebsd-questions and _your_ address in their addressbook, thus you receiving tons of mail pretending coming from freebsd-questions.

A lot of people must be receiving MS "Software Updates" from you at the moment, by the way :)

have a good night


Le Lundi, 22 sep 2003, ŗ 20:02 Europe/Zurich, Schalk Erasmus a ťcrit :

It is interesting to see that some of our colleagues belonging to the
FreeBSD Mailing List, are infected with the Worm.Swen virus!

I'm leaving this list, since I get hundreds of these DAMN MICROSOFT update

Luckily you can filter these stuff using TREND InterScan.


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