On Monday 22 September 2003 09:52 pm, Ajax Munroe wrote:
>       Hello,
>              I dont have a question but I would like to make a statement. I
> downloaded Freebsd version 5.0 release and unpacked it in great
> anticipation. I made a bootable CD (the best I could, It's not as easy as
> making a bootable windows CD) put the cd in my rom and found that BSD is
> not for me. Look, Im not trying to put BSD down or anything, I would love
> to have it on my computer fully working so that I could use something other
> than Windows! Im by no means bored with Windows, I find new and exciting
> things out with it all the time.I feel that im pretty literate when it
> comes to computers, which brings me to this: You people have to make a
> product that is just slightly more user friendly.Cant you think of a way to
> auto-mount your os like windows? Setting up your os is like trying to work
> your way through a jigsaw puzzle.(Windows even partitions your drive for
> you) If someone expects to challenge the makers of Windows they are going
> to have to come up with a user friendly system like Windows where you have
> an easy command format instead of what your trying to do. I mean come on,
> first you have to figure out what to partition the drive in because you
> dont explain any of this, then you have to mount everything,which is beyond
> the average users comprehension, then you have to figure out commands to
> pass along to the kernel..etc...etc...etc. With Windows all you do is stick
> in the disk and it's all pretty straight forward from there on out.
>                Please, if you could just tell me of one of your systems
> thats a little more user friendly I would love to use it, and tell all my
> friends about it too so that they can spread the word about the new
> operating system thats fun and easy to use.
>               Your Friend;
>                   AJAX

I think you've missed a very important point:  Each OS has a strategic 
emphasis.  MS Windows emphasizes user friendliness, even  to the detriment of 
stability and security.  Its targeted users include people who are barely 
computer literate.

FreeBSD is still, primarily, a server OS.  Its developers and users emphasize 
stability, robustness and security more than user friendliness.  Its targeted 
users include people who are willing/eager to learn about the guts of the OS.

Your way is not the only way.

If you're looking for a new OS that emphasizes easy use, buy a MacIntosh with 

Have a great day!

Andrew Gould
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