On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, Ajax Munroe wrote:

>  I dont have a question but I would like to make a statement. I
>  Freebsd version 5.0 release and unpacked it in great anticipation. I made
>  a bootable CD (the best I could, It's not as easy as making a bootable
>  windows CD) put the cd in my rom and found that BSD is not for me.

Why isn't it? It's the same as burning any other bootable CD, check the
docs for your CD software if you had any problems.

>  Look, Im not trying to put BSD down or anything, I would love to have
>  it on my
>  computer fully working so that I could use something other than Windows!
>  Im by no means bored with Windows, I find new and exciting things out with
>  it all the time.I feel that im pretty literate when it comes to computers,
>  which brings me to this: You people have to make a product that is just
>  slightly more user friendly.Cant you think of a way to auto-mount your os
>  like windows?

Everytime I've installed it it has.

>  Setting up your os is like trying to work your way through
>  a jigsaw puzzle.(Windows even partitions your drive for you) If someone
>  expects to challenge the makers of Windows they are going to have to come
>  up with a user friendly system like Windows where you have an easy command
>  format instead of what your trying to do.

So does FreeBSD, however unlike Windows it doesn't chauvinistically
presume you will bJe devoting the whole hard drive to it unless you tell
it to.  FreeBSD is designed to work equally well on either a single
computer or an entire network and adjusts it's file system to
accomodate that.  Just hit "A" for auto and it does the partitioning for

> I mean come on, first you have to figure out what to partition the drive
> in because you dont explain any of this, then you have to mount
> everything,which is beyond the average users comprehension, then you
> have to figure out commands to pass along to the
> kernel..etc...etc...etc. With Windows all you do is stick in the disk
> and it's all pretty straight forward from there on out.

http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook explains
everything the average user needs to know about FreeBSD in far more
in-depth and user-friendly form than any other free documentation for any
OS I have ever seen.
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