> On Tue, 23 Sep 2003, Karlsson Mikael HKI/SOSV wrote:
> [...]
> > which are all supported in for example GNU/Linux ls, except 10 and 11,
> > but then they have an extra option to put different coloring on files
> > with a special ending. So that archives, moviefiles, soundfiles etc.
> > have a special color while in BSD they're all grey/white.
> ...so install the GNU ls port.  Configure as you wish.  The End.
> Hey, *I* think that bash ought to be the default shell in FreeBSD.  But
> it's not.  So I install bash and get on with life.

I hate all those colors.  Most of them are very hard to see and
make the whole thing harder to read.  And, if you adjust them to
be readable, they mostly look too much alike to be of any significant
help.  So, don't change the default shell or ls.


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> David Fleck
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