Hi All.

Something's been bugging me about 'make buildkernel ...' (or pro'lly more
precisely, the docs): How do I re-make the kernel without first cleaning

After applying patches, I bump $BRANCH in /sys/conf/newvers.sh, and would
like the running kernel to reflect the current patchlevel, but not at the
expense of a complete rebuild. Something this trivial shouldn't get me in
any trouble, kernel-wise, should it?

Browsing Makefile.inc1, I see these defines:
    -DNOCLEANDIR run ${MAKE} clean, instead of ${MAKE} cleandir
    -DNOCLEAN do not clean at all

What does 'cleandir' do that 'clean' doesn't? Remove directory trees?
Anyway, is it as simple as:
    make buildkernel -DNOCLEAN KERNCONF=...

Like I said, I should already know this.

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