>  To whom it may concern,
>  What files and folders do I need to download from http://www.freebsd.org 
> in order to have the latest and most complete version of BSD? 

It looks like you had better start with the documentation or you will
be lost.   It is all clearly detailed in the handbook and actually in
several other places online.

In general you only need to download the mini-ISO image and burn it
directly to a CD.  The rest can all be done from that, although if
you have a slow net connection it can take a few hours.  Since I
have a good connection, it generall takes about an hour to do a 
whole installation including installing the entire ports tree or
sometimes called the ports skeleton (but of course, not all of the 
ports source - the source is only downloaded when you actually 
install a particular port).

Good luck and read, search and study a while before you do anything
with actual files, CDs or disks.


> Respectfully,
> Vincent M. Dorio
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