I'm looking for some help regarding my 5.1 installation

I have been playing with FreeBSD for some years now, with long pauses,
and always come back to it, again and a again, following it's evolution the
best I can,
and also just to having fun with it and learn something new in the presses.
I'm far from being a expert, and am lost half the time
but still have fun with it.

I finally decided that it was time to replace my old novel 3.12 with a 5.1

The machine I'm using is an old mmx 233 with onboard ide and 65mb memory
I had a 30gb Maxtor and a cd on it for the initial installation.
Install went well, no problems.
After moving the files form my very old novel server, over to the FreeBSD
server, I decided I needed
to add a 80gb disk.

After installing the disk, the motherboard controller would not recognize
the new disk.

I next added a pci ida/ata controller from Maxtor, and disabled the onboard
ida controller.
With the old 30gb as master and the new 80gb as slave, and the CDROM as a
I started the machine.

The kernel found the new controller, but when init takes over, thinks
started to fall apart fast.

It seems that init is unable to deal with the controller change.

After manually mounting the devices, I can get to the machine as single user
with no write rights,

I need to find out if, and how, I can chance the fstab's,
and if there are any other config's that I have to worry about,
in general, what do I, or can I do????


Do I have to reinstall allover again?

I still have the novel machine running on the network so all is not lost

Hope you have some ideas for my!!

    0  0


Yngvi Gretarsson  [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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