On Mon, Sep 22, 2003 at 09:27:37PM -0400, florian mettetal wrote:
> Hello everyone, I am looking for a FreeBSD (preferably 5.X) LAMP (Linux
> Apache MySQL PHP) tutorial/howto. Does anyone have any suggestions?
> the purpose: To get a webhosting jail up quickly that can process MySQL
> databases and use PHP.
> (To reiterate) I am looking for a tutorial. I have spent some time on
> google looking, and even had found a great tutorial... once, but I lost
> the bookmark for it, so I know there is one out there! I was wondering
> if anyone would know where that great AMP tutorial is.
> Anywho, So... if any others have suggestions?

You could try the mail archives of FreeBSD. Lots of users have come
before you and have recieved help though this mail. If that doesn't work
and google doesn't hand you a good tutorial then you could also ask
questions about it. I certenly be willing to help you if i could. I run
apache2 with PHP but without MySQL and without a jail. But this souldn't
be that hard in setting up.


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