I agree with your general point that SCO hasn't given us any reason to suppose they'd treat the BSDs - or more specifically, BSD users - differently than in the case of Linux. However, if you don't work for a fairly large company and don't have untold personal wealth, there seems little reason to suppose SCO would waste time pursuing you or your employer.

I fully agree with this. Besides, it's already been proven that this whole thing is an pump and dump money grab by the company that owns SCO. They're doing the lawsuits in order to pump their stocks, then once they sell off everything they'll in turn disenfranchise themselves from SCO, put as much distance as they can between them, and let IBM chop up and burn SCO for kindling. They were kinda hoping that IBM would just buy up SCO at a sizeable profit to the owners of SCO in order to silence this suit. That didn't happen and after IBM basically said they'd run SCO into the ground, the original planners of this whole scheme are now trying to grab whatever cash they can and run.

If you don't believe me, read up on Wired and several other tech news sites, CNN, and others. Half the execs at SCO have sold off all their stocks already and the President of the company is getting close. They're doing it a bit at a time so as not to draw too much attention from the SEC. The proof is out there and in massive quantities if you want to find it. Besides, if SCO really wanted to fry IBM for any kind of infringement they would have gone to court months ago, not postponed the court date for middle of 2005. The idea behind that is that the company that owns SCO (a group of lawyers also famous for suing Microsoft on another money grab and winning big) hopes to either have sold the company to IBM or someone else for a considerable profit or have sold their stocks, made their cash and be long gone by then.

Of course MS and Sun are loving this up and helping out SCO a lot since they see Linux as their worst competitor. In their eyes the sooner linux dies the happier they'll be. Oh well, too late now cause Linux (and the BSD's) are here to stay. :)

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