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Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2003 11:10 PM
Subject: It's time to get angry

> Dear M$ users,
> PLEASE clean your systems.
> I get 15Megs of virus/day (~100 Mails each 150k with M$ trash). Now for
> over one week, so it's REALLY annoying.
> Not that there weren't enough great junk filters, it's wasted bandwidth.
> Not only on my site. If you have to use M$ systems on machines on which
> you take part in dicussions on FreeBSD-lists, please at least take care
> that you don't stress the others nerves too much. It's hard enough to
> read your "quoting". Don't know much about that worm/virus but I'm quiet
> sure just changing the mail client to something non-M$ would help
> (before the system were infected).
> So please format your infected discs, block all outgoing smtp
> connections, remove the hous' main fuse, whatever, try to stop that
> -Harry
Maybe you should've sent this to a list that is predominantly Windows users.
The majority of us in the lists that you sent this to already know this and
live with it on a daily basis. You have one of the best software systems
that is available today. Use the available tools for it so you don't get a
cluttered inbox. Use fetchamil, dump it to your local smtpd, run amavis on
it, /dev/null the offending messages. It won't stop the feed into your
dialup pipe, but it will keep your inbox clear.  You might even ask your ISP
to help in scanning messages for viri. Who knows, they might just do it.
I'll admit, it's always best to have the problem corrected at the source,
but it's few of us against the many of them. They're winning so far so we
have to do what we can to keep them at arms length or farther if possible.


Micheal Patterson
Network Administration
Cancer Care Network

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