Matthew Seaman wrote:
On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 10:26:54AM -0700, Scott Schappell wrote:

It seems that 4.9 is rapidly on its way to becoming RELEASE, which is a good
thing.  I'm currently running 4.8-p3 on my production server, and I don't
have a spare to build then move over, so it will be an in place upgrade.

Which upgrade path would be the best? CVS or installing from a binary ISO

If CVS, I'm assuming I need to add *default  tag=RELENG_4_9  when it's
released to my cvsup file to grab it, or do I need to start tracking
stable RELENG_4?

My hunch is CVS will be the better way to do it, and the last time I tried
upgrading the system with a binary, it exploded (learned then don't do a
binary upgrade when it's running the kernel and multiuser, thank god for

What is the recommendation of folks on this list?

To go from RELENG_4_8 to RELENG_4_9, probably the simplest and least
hassleful method is to cvsup the RELENG_4_9 sources, and then do a
normal {build,install}{world,kernel} job.  There's not much point in
your tracking RELENG_4, unless you want to practice at upgrading.

Is RELENG_4_9 already available at all?

does not mention it. That's why i am tracking RELENG_4.

-- Heinrich

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