On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 11:37:02PM +0200, Danny Pansters wrote:
> On Tuesday 23 September 2003 16:31, stan wrote:
> > I'm trying to poart a small python application to FreeBSD from linux
> > (routeplanner if you are curious). It requires a number of python
> > modules, including "snack" I located the tarball for the module, but
> > when I run configure for it I get:
> >
> > $ ./configure
> > loading cache ./config.cache
> > checking for Tcl configuration... configure: warning: Can't find Tcl
> > configuration definitions
> I don't know this module. Hmm, I hope it only wants tcl to do some 
> precompile scripting not statically in the module. You do have tcl and 
> tk installed? You might have to change some paths in the config script 
> and Makefile. 

Yes, probably several versions as required by various ports. 
Dosen't FreeBSD put the tki/tcl stuff in some non-stnadard places to allow
for having more than one version installed at once? Might this be part of
the problem?

> > A brief primer on the general python module installation mthodology
> > would be useful as well. I'm mainly a perl type, so python is a new
> > fronteir for me.
> Usually a module or package of modules go into 
> /usr/local/lib/python2.3/site-packages/somedir. This is python 
> convention, not FreeBSD's.

Thnaks. Perl has a very structured way of doing the installation of modules
for it. I was assuming that python would have at least a subset of this.
Are python modules typically compiled binaries (as this one is) or are thet
more typucally python code itself (as in perl modules)?
> Dan
> (who likes messing with python but isn't an expert)

I'm a bit of a perl hacker, but, other thna jusy using things installed by,
for instnace, the ports mechanisim, this is my firs foray intot python.

Thanks for the help.

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neither liberty nor safety."
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