ekrem _ wrote:
I'd like to be able to delete my emails from my ISP's POP3 server, especially to avoid
the recent bombardment of the W32.swen.A virus which come with a 150kb+ attachment.
So I'm looking for such a filter or spam detector which will delete from spam directly from the POP server.

I can't vouch as to whether it works because I don't use POP, but the following program was posted to Perlmonks yesterday.



Thanks David, and to Bart Lateur (the author of the perl script),

I'm using the perl script from the above link and it's working fine. It's already saving me
download time and bandwidth.

Great news. You should post to the page in question and relate your success. You don't have to create an account, Perlmonks supports slashdot anonmymous-coward-type posts. I'm sure other people would like to hear confirmation that the scripts works from a third party.


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