Hi! Just installed FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE, and, since I'm used to the Swedish keymap, I 
chose 'Swedish ISO' keymap and ISO_8859-1 accordingly in sysinstall. When in pure 
terminal mode, everything's fine, but when running X, I get the default US keymap (or 
at least it seems to be just that). Now, isn't that just a wee bit weird?

What's the issue here? I remember choosing something like a special ISO-capable tty or 
something at the end of sysinstall...is that it?

I put some files of maybe limited interest on my server, for your convenience:

output of env command: http://www.arrhythmetic.net/freebsd/env
output of uname -a:http://www.arrhythmetic.net/freebsd/uname
my /etc/rc.conf: http://www.arrhythmetic.net/freebsd/rc.conf

...so now you can start *hacking* me! :)
/Fredrik, Stockholm

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