> Quick question. How hard is it to set up Postfix. I am getting tried of
> Sendmail. Is it hard to set up Postfix to access passwords  so that the
> only mail can be sent.

I've been running Postfix after migrating from Sendmail for the better part
of a year now. I found it much easier to set up in the areas of virtual
hosts, authentication, relaying and content filtering. I'd suggest starting
with the Postfix documentation at www.postfix.org. You will also find
several helpful README's in the source distribution, just 'cd
/usr/ports/mail/postfix && make extract' and you can browse through them
before you decide to build and install it. You might also consider joining
the Postfix mailing list, as it's a better place for questions on Postfix
than this list. I'll warn you in advance though, RTFM, because they can be a
bit hostile if you appear not to have.


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