David Bear wrote:

I need to write a program the grabs mail from a standard mail folder
and processes it.

The trouble is I have no idea what mail file format FreeBSD uses by
default. I am using postfix, and currently postfix is my mta and mda.
I will be adding procmail as the mda. I'm guessing procmail writes
the same kind of file the postfix does... but here I'm showing my

the default behaviour is - afaict - mbox format. Thus you'll have all mail in ``one'' more or less big file per user. These files are stored in /var/mail (at least by default whilst using postfix1 on a 4.3 and 4.7 fbsd) and carry the name of their respective account.

I will be using python as my language and there are modules for MH,
maildir, mbox, and mailbox...  Anyone have any recommended reading for
me to better understand what I need to do?

Well I've once hacked/reorganized (with the help of the cyrus ML/archives) sth to convert such an single mbox into cyrus imapd format (it utilizes `man 1 formmail`) ... since this process walks through every single mail in given ``mbox'' files it might be of interest for you or at least give you an idea on how to deal with this issue - if so - please drop me a line and I'll happily sent you the necessary scripts.

btw - these scripts are in perl - but not perl specific (doesnt use specific perl modules).

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