Denis wrote:

Hi All!!!

 I think that WinXP more popular and more easy than FreeBSD. People
 all over the world know what is Windows but don't know what is
 FreeBSD. More programs is written work on Windows....
 Windows more comfortable in work with graph...
 If windows more popular and more program work on windows why do you use FreeBSD?
 I am beginner and I don't understand why a lot of people say that
 FreeBSD it's cool..... Why?
 What do you prefer FreeBSD or Windows???
 This mailing list is dedicated to FreeBSD. I know that users of
 FreeBSD more than users of Windows....
 Please try understand me correctly. Thanks for any answer!

Hi, Denis,

English is more popular and easier than Russian.
People around the world know English, but don't know Russian.
English is more comfortable to work with vowel sounds.
What do you speak?  (Now, I'm kidding!  Please don't
take offense, and excuse my poor language skills, also!)

<The following is a generalization that is not intended to
offend FreeBSD users, but to enlighten the OP.>

Hello again, Denis...

You are speaking like a *normal* person --- a person who wants
to be "comfortable".  We aren't that type.... :-)

We run FreeBSD because we are uber-geeks, under-geeks, geeks,
geek-wannabes, and geeks-in-training.  We are the epitome of
J. Random Hacker (and he is us!), and that term has nothing to
do with distributed DOS attacks against, or
obtaining credit card numbers from badly coded e-commerce
websites.  If you want to know the kind of people we
*might* be, check this document:

We run FreeBSD because we are passionate about computers and
the code that runs on them.  We prefer to work at something as long
as necessary to get it *right*, and then do something else that we are
passionate about.  As someone said, "No 2 AM phone calls..."
FreeBSD works, and works better than many operating systems.

We are tired of email-borne viruses, system lock-ups and the BSOD.
We don't like to pay a day's salary (or a week's) for an operating
system. We don't like the way that some people make their business
decisions, and so we don't use their products unless there's a good
reason.  Sometimes there is, but often there is not.  We *think*
about our computing needs and choose appropriate tools, and
generally FreeBSD is appropriate for what we desire.

We believe that intellectual property should benefit as much of
mankind as cares to grasp it, and that other people like us will
think so, too.  Not that we want to give away all rights, but
there's little point in people continually reinventing the wheel
all over the world (hmm, ever noticed how many wheels coming
from Washington, USA aren't quite round?)

I have clients all over the local area who go to work and
deal with a computer "the best way they know how," and
when it gets too hard for them to deal with, they call me.
Computer use wasn't something they chose ... not really.
They did it because everyone else was doing it.  They don't
care *how* it does it, they just wanna get it done and go
home.  And they don't wanna spend time *learning* how
to do things, they just want to look at something and figure
it out.  So, they use another OS.  Me, I don't care how long
it takes or what I have to learn --- I like learning, and I don't
intend to quit.

So, at the end of the day, who's better off?  I've never
lost a document because my FBSD box "crashed"
while I was editing it.  My FreeBSD boxes filter,
accept, and deliver their email.  My boxes help theirs
find sites on the internet, keep their clocks set to UTC,
host their websites, and firewall their LANs.

My boxes have uptimes of *months*.  Tried that with
Windows, under frequent, "normal" use?

I'm just different than *most* people.

Maybe that explains it ;-)

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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