I'm having a doozy of a problem keeping a default route set up
on a box I just upgraded today from 4.8-RC to 4.9-PR. After the upgrade,
the machine will come up but quickly it will lose it's default route.
The only way I can keep it from dropping the default route now is to
continuously ping across it. If I stop for more than about 15 seconds,
it'll get removed from the netstat -rn results.

I don't mind researching possible means to fix it, but it's kinda hard
when you have to hammer someone else's IP with pings to keep the link up
or type "route add default xx.xxx.xxx.xx" every 15 seconds in order to
surf... Are there any ways I can nail a route up without giving FreeBSD
the ability to back it out automagically so I can fix this long enough
to fix it the right way?

Here's the relavent info:

FreeBSD calefaction.clickcom.com 4.9-PRERELEASE FreeBSD 4.9-PRERELEASE
#2: Wed Sep 24 16:36:22 EDT 2003
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/CALEFACTION  i386

Default kernel except for "options QUOTA, options IPFILTER and options

network_interfaces="xl0 lo0 sis0"

Ipfilter rules (for now)
pass in all
pass out all

Ipnat rules (for now)
map xl0 xx.xxx.xxx.0/24 ->

Thanks in advance,
John Straiton
jks@ clickcom.com
Clickcom, Inc

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