I'm after some general information on SMP support on FreeBSD.

I've been running FreeBSD 5.1 for a couple of months as a Web server on a single CPU 
system and have had no problems - in fact it's performed excellent. I've now got a 
"new" PC that has dual PII 300 CPU's.

I have read a lot of articles regarding the supposed poor support of SMP in Pre 5 
releases but that now apparently is starting to change in 5.X releases.

I've also read articles relating to performance issues with MySQL on FreeBSD. Although 
apparently performance has drastically improved in MySQL 4 series releases though - if 
compile with Linux Threads Support (?)

My questions really are how well does FreeBSD 5.X or 4.X running Apache and MySQL 
perform with 2 CPU's and does Linux perform better?

Many thanks


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