Hi folks,

I recently decided to switch from Gnome to KDE wich I never used before. 
Before doing so, I decided to fully reinstall my system. I used xfstt for my 
TrueType fonts, and never had any problems with that.

I installed FreeBSD 4.7 with XFree86-3.3.6_11, kde-3.1.3 and xfstt-1.6 all 
from packages (I hate compiling, and my system does too due to lack of 
diskspace at times).

Everything went well, I'm a happy KDE-user now, but for one thing: the 
TrueType-fonts won't work in any KDE-app.

But when I invoke a GTK-based program (tested XMMS and the GIMP (GTK-1) and 
AbiWord and gedit (GTK-2) ) the fonts work fine in that program. Also, 
running xlsfonts | grep ttf gives me a fine list of my 57 fonts.

one odd thing though: when xfstt starts, it gives me an error about opening 
the font database, then rebuilds it, syncs and works. It does that every time 
again. I then tried xfstt-1.4 (wich I had on my previous install) wich works 
fine (gives that error the first time, then it's happy).

Now, is this a KDE-related problem? It seems to be, cause everything else 
works fine.

What to be done? Any suggestions?

(Please CC me, I'm not on the list)


tcGB <>< Fi-Ji ><>

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