Bill Moran wrote:
Hey all.

This seems like a really dumb question to me, but I'm having such a rough
last two weeks that I'd rather be sure by sounding stupid, than by looking

What I'm doing is upgrading a machine to RELEASE_5_1 (to take care of the
recent arp problems) and I wasn't paying attention when I started cvsupping,
and accidentally started it cvsupping to HEAD instead. I realized my
mistake halfway through and canceled it. Then restarted it with the
proper "tag=RELENG_5_1"

I'd throw it all away and start again as you suggest as a second alternative.

This assumes you have a set up like I have: one machine that cvsup's against an official cvsup host, and then that machine is used the source for the rest of the machines. Makes the cvsups go really fast.


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