Doug Poland wrote:


On Monday, 29 Sep, I'll be building an apache/mysql server. I usually
install from the latest release on CD then cvsup to -STABLE.

My questions:

Can I start with 4.9-BETA ISOs? My thinking is that what's in
4.9-BETA will not be much different from -STABLE.

What do others when building servers and we're on the cusp of a new

Speaking for myself, since I have people hosting on my server and what not, I'm sticking with 4.8 until it's passed EOL and patch as necessary then evaluate if the latest RELEASE offers any substantial improvements, if so, then I'll CVSup to the next RELEASE in the same branch I'm in (4.8 > 4.9). The BETA is just that, and following -stable has revealed that while it's getting close to RELEASE, there's still some bugs. It's depends on what you want. If you want stability, install the 4.8 ISO and CVS to 4.9 when it's RELEASEd, if you want to help bug hunt, grab BETA.

I always build with the latest RELEASE as I put stability ahead of being on the bleeding edge.

Hope my opinion helped :)

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