On Thu, Sep 25, 2003 at 10:23:50AM -0700, Scott Schappell wrote:
> >
> >Can I start with 4.9-BETA ISOs?  My thinking is that what's in
> >4.9-BETA will not be much different from -STABLE.  
> >
> depends on what you want. If you want stability, install the 4.8 ISO and 
> CVS to 4.9 when it's RELEASEd, if you want to help bug hunt, grab BETA.
I guess I have some confusion between what's -STABLE and -RELEASE and
when one becomes the other.  Better read up on it.

> >What do others when building servers and we're on the cusp of a new
> >
> Speaking for myself, since I have people hosting on my server and what 
> not, I'm sticking with 4.8 until it's passed EOL and patch as necessary 
> then evaluate if the latest RELEASE offers any substantial improvements, 
> if so, then I'll CVSup to the next RELEASE in the same branch I'm in 
> (4.8 > 4.9).  
That's usually how I do it too.  

> Hope my opinion helped :)
Yes, it did, thank you.


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