+-- David Benfell [freebsd] [24-09-03 23:00 IST]:
| On Wed, 24 Sep 2003 09:58:53 -0700, Mike Hogsett wrote:
| > 
| > dump(8) and restore(8)* may do the trick.  I would recommend dumping from
| > an os where ext3 is native (e.g. linux) and then restore on a os where ffs
| > is native (e.g. FreeBSD).
| > 
| This should be considered mandatory.  Linux support for ffs is broken
| -- and apparently no one cares enough to fix it.
| And if there's any support for ext2/3 on the BSDs, it's news to me.
        man mount_ext2fs

        also check out 

        mount_ext2fs can mount ext3 FS. But if ext3 FS is
        not unmounted properly, you have to use fsck_ext2fs
        and then mount it.

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