Kris Kennaway wrote:
On Mon, Sep 22, 2003 at 08:45:29PM -0700, cuddlesomebunny wrote:

Could anybody explain to me what is up with ports?

You'll have to provide specifics before we can diagnose what is going
wrong (or not, as the case may be) on your system.  It could be user
error, a known problem, or something else.

Well, it looks like the message was cut off either by yourself or something else.

But here's what happens.

I go to /stand/sysinstall and pick a port, for example some port that relies on fontconfig. Since I already have fontconfig installed on my system when I select a given port it goes to fetch fontconfig then errors out (fontconfig is already installed so pkg_add freaks) and then I can not install the port. If I uninstall fontconfig then the given package succeeds in the installation (the fontconfigs appear to be the same versions being offered).

Then I figure, go to /usr/ports and then select the same package and the make processes doen't notice that fontconfig is installed then goes to make it and again errors out and tells me to deinstall fontconfig.

For some reason /stand/sysinstall or the make from ports is sometimes not recognizing dependencies that are already installed.

Another hang, as already mentioned in the email (and seems to be missing) was I talked about the /stand/sysinstall of Apache and mod_php. I for example would install Apache+ssl and then want to install mod_php4. php4 would select the generic apache and install that over Apache+ssl and thus resolting in having to uninstall Apache and go and reinstall Apache+ssl. Also I got some error from an Apache install that said it needed to be compiled in a certain way so that modules like mod_auth_mysql would work. So after going in to /usr/ports/ww/apache+ssl I managed to get Apache up and running.

Does this possibly clear up things?

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