On Thu, 2003-09-25 at 04:34, Pascal Giannakakis wrote:
> Hello,
> i'd like to mount remote ftp and ssh dirs into my local dir-tree, however
> can't find info on that for FreeBSD. I can't find neither a port, nor something
> for the kernel (like LUFS in Lunix). Other network-FSs are not an option.
> BTW - If you wonder whats its use is: i would like to access the files i work
> on with different programming tools seamlessly.
> Is it possible at all in FreeBSD 5.1?

I don't know for sure whether it's possible or not, but mounting a
remote FTP directory onto a local mount point does not sound like a good

You said that other network filesystems are not an option, but then
neither FTP or SSH (assuming you meant FTP tunnelled through SSH) are
networking filesystems either. The two popular implemtations of network
filesystems are NFS (Unix) and SMB (Unix via Samba, Windows). You should
take a close look at those since you will get much better performance
and security with them than by grafting an FTP directory to your
filesystem. If you need this in order to do your job and don't have
administrator access to the remote machine(s), then petition your system
administrator to look into NFS or SMB.

C. Ulrich

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