I have been trying for some time to upgrade the HD in my
FreeBSD 4.8 laptop, attempting many different things but
all with no success.

I don't have a separate enclosure for it, and it being a
laptop I can only put in one drive at a time. My basic plan
has been to back up the current HD to another computer,
install the new HD, boot from the Mini CD, use the Fixit shell
on the CD to mount the new HD, mount the other computer over
NFS, and transfer everything into the newly mounted directory.

Originally I tried with dump, but I kept getting loads of
errors, so I switched to tar. I made one tarfile of /usr
(which is relatively large), and one of everything else.

For example:

# mount_nfs /mnt2

# newfs /dev/ad0s1
# mount /dev/ad0s1 /mnt
# cd /mnt
# tar xf /mnt2/original.tar
# tar xf /mnt2/original-usr.tar

(I actually had to install mount and tar onto the NFS 
filesystem and run them from there; I'm not showing that

I then rebooted, from the new HD this time, rather than
the CD, and things started to work OK. But eventually I
ran into filesystem problems--sync problems, or other 
things, and I had to run fsck -y manually to fix them. But
though this did clean the filesystem, the stuff that was
there wasn't what I had untar'd into place--it seemed to
be a bare minimun copy of the OS. This has repeated more
than once.

I obviously don't know what I'm doing, but would be very
grateful for any suggestions for how to get this new HD
in. I want it to be exactly the same as the existing one,
but with more room; I'm not trying to do anything fancy
or switch anything around. Especially by this point I'm
willing to do anything to get things working again, as
I really need my computer back!

Thanks for any ideas.

Jesse Sheidlower
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