I just did the following:

a) upgraded Postfix to postfix-2.0.16 (built from source, didn't use port)
b) then upgraded to the latest FreeBSD-stable (buildworld/installworld)

Previously, I'd just followed the Postfix instructions and mv'd sendmail
mailq newaliases to .OLD and installed the Postfix executables over the
top of the system binaries.

After the stable upgrade (b) FreeBSD had of course overwritten sendmail mailq 
and newaliases with the new sendmail versions (I've since disabled sendmail in

I noticed that these files were actually links to mailwrapper and after some
googling, I figured out I could use mailer.conf.

However, I couldn't figure out how to install the Postfix sendmail compatability
executable into {postfix_dir}/libexec/sendmail.  There wasn't an explicit 
install step for it and I couldn't find any mention of this executable in the
INSTALL doc for Postfix.

Anyone care to clue me in on what I'm missing. Or is it a manual process?

I was in a rush to get the mailer up so, I just redid 'for i in sendmail 
newaliases mailq mv $i $i.OFF' followed by a Postfix 'make upgrade' to
overwrite the executables with the Postfix versions.   I don't ever plan to
go back to sendmail.  

Everything is working but I get an odd log entry I'm unsure about:

I have sendmail_enable="NO" in rc.conf and start postfix in rc.local.

Get the following in /var/log/messages *before* rc.local is run:
        "postfix/sendmail[96]: fatal: usage: sendmail [options]"

Is this the Postfix sendmail compatability program? If so, how is it getting
executed?  I don't have a sendmail in /usr/local/postfix/libexec.



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