I'm encountering problems because of a somewhat screwy configuration and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

I'm running 4.8-RELEASE-p1 on a machine with a 1200-mhz CPU and 64MB of RAM. The swap partition is 112 MB; I was running out of swap so I added a 256MB swapfile on /usr. Adding RAM, unfortunately, is not an option.

Because (I assume) of the really fast processor and low memory, the machine frequently goes bezerk. Basically when any process takes a lot of memory (like, say, running "grepmail" on several files, or running vim on a 10MB mail spool), the load suddenly shoots through the roof and the box becomes unresponsive until a reboot.

Anything I can do about this? I'd rather processes just die for a lack of memory than having the box go down anytime a user on there does something memory-intensive. What options do I have? And should I delete that extra swapfile?

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