Good day fellow FreeBSDer's

I am trying to switch over from the /usr/ports/security/openssh "version"
of sshd, to the one that comes with the base system. Being a cvsup server,
I always have the freshest source, so for example, if I wanted to update
sendmail, I could easily cd /usr/src/usr.sbin/sendmail, make install,
killall -HUP sendmail and I am done. So, I am trying to do that for my
good friend sshd. It works great, and puts the new fresh binary where its
supposed to be. So whats the problem? For starters, and I think I know the
answer to this one but please confirm in your reply, The port version of
it puts a script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ to start it with the system. Do I
remove that, and simply add, sshd_enable="YES" to rc.conf like almost
everything else? (I think so.) And the REAL problem is when I do perform a
make install for sshd, its putting the new binary where it belongs fine,
but /etc/ssh is EMPTY. Thus, the server wont start. I have looked
*everywhere* (except where I need to be looking.) Where can I get those
config files from? Thanks!

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