Hi Travis Troyer,
you wrote.

TT> I just purchased a Sil680 IDE RAID controller, and have setup
TT> a striped RAID array.  When I boot from the 5.1 installation
TT> CD-ROM, FreeBSD does not recognize them as one disk.  I
TT> checked the hardware notes, and "Sil680 UDMA6" is listed. 
TT> Seeing Sil680 listed, I assumed that the RAID capabilities
TT> would also be supported.  I read something posted awhile back
TT> referring to the Sil680 controller, saying it was supported,
TT> but dangerous unless using 5.1-Current.  Does anybody know
TT> anything about the current status of this?  Is there anyway to
TT> get the FreeBSD installation to recognize my RAID array, or
TT> should I just buy another controller?

I was wondering about the online Sil 3112 SATA RAID controller on my
Gigabyte 7VAXP board. The 5.1 RELEASE boot CD crashes saying it
couldn't write to root (which is weird, considering it usually should
be able to write to memfs??).


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