I have a desktop running 5.1+KDE.  Building a port (finance/gnucash)
failed when the install of a fresh gettext build failed due to there
being an older version already present.  To fix this, I cd into
devel/gettext, run make deinstall && make reinstall.

But now I have programs and other libs refusing to load (PHP, cyrus,
sylpheed, et al).  I get errors stating that libintl.so.4 could not be
found.  A check of/usr/local/lib shows a libintl.so.5 with libintl.so
symlinked to it, but no libintl.so.4.  Symlinking libintl.so.4 to .5
seems to have at least made it possible for everything to load again.

I'm wondering, though, why this happened?  Is there is a "more correct"
way to fix the problem?  Is this risk taken when one upgrades a
massively interdependent set of installed ports?
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