I'm trying to get a Linksys WET11 Wireless Ethernet Bridge working with a
D-Link 530 NIC that uses the rl driver.  I have configured the bridge and
gotten it to work with a Windows XP box if I tell the bridge to use "MAC
address cloning".  However I can not get it working on my 4.8 FBSD box.

I'm not really sure but I suspect my problem might be with ARP?  The rl0
interface is configured as and the bridge is connected to this
interface.  The bridge is configured with an IP address of
but as I understand it, this is only the address to use when connecting to
the web based configuration utility. I have a Linksys access point with IP

Anyway, after attempting connections to these three addresses, my arp table
looks like this:

? ( at (incomplete) on rl0 [ethernet]
? ( at 00:05:5d:d0:ba:67 on rl0 permanent [ethernet]
? ( at (incomplete) on rl0 [ethernet]

I can not get any response from any device beyond the rl0 interface.  I
setup ipfw to log all traffic to that interface and can see the traffic
going out:

Sep 27 15:18:04 blacksheep /kernel: ipfw: 50 Accept ICMP:8.0 out via rl0

Sep 27 15:24:00 blacksheep /kernel: ipfw: 50 Accept ICMP:8.0 out via rl0

Can anyone educate me on arp and if it's my problem, tell me what I might
need to add to my arp table to get things going?



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