On Sun, Sep 28, 2003 at 09:47:07AM +0300, Jukka A. Ukkonen wrote:

> To be really efficient I tried to send the following message to "core-team"
> which obviously failed. So, here is the same minor change proposal sent
> to freebsd-questions. I hope some of the people who can take appropriate
> action are on this list.

That's not efficiency, that's bothering 3 extremely busy people with
something that is very unlikely to be anything close to their
particular interests within the FreeBSD sources.  Please don't do that.

The approved method of putting forward such enhancements is to file a
problem report using send-pr(1), and maybe a follow up e-mail to one
of the FreeBSD mailing lists.  If you have problems getting your
system to send e-mail via send-pr(1), then feel free to ask here or
search the archives of this mailing list (http://freebsd.rambler.ru/
is probably the best place).

In any case, fetch(1) already obeys the FTP_PASSIVE_MODE environment
variable.  See in the fetch(1) man page where it says:

     All environment variables mentioned in the documentation for the fetch(3)
     library are supported.

Then look at fetch(3) [ie. type 'man 3 fetch' as just saying 'man
fetch' will get you the fetch(1) man page again] and you'll see:

     FETCH_BIND_ADDRESS  Specifies a hostname or IP address to which sockets
                         used for outgoing connections will be bound.

     FTP_LOGIN           Default FTP login if none was provided in the URL.

     FTP_PASSIVE_MODE    If set to anything but `no', forces the FTP code to
                         use passive mode.

FreeBSD is like that: whenever you think of a really neat little
enhancement, it always pays to double check, as chances are it already
works that way...



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